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Havercroft Tool & Die is committed to serving its customers with reasonable and justifiable pricing, meet all customer standards and delivery on time.

We encourage you to look at our capabilities and allow us to demonstrate the quality and dedication that we put into each and every job.



HTD has many years of die experience. We have improved tool life in many different applications.
We have used new materials and coatings.
HTD has built blank dies, progressive dies, trim dies, and forming dies.
We have also made tooling to cut stainless, spring steel and plastic.
Let us improve your die application needs.


As a Tool & Die Shop we machine, heat treat, grind, EDM and finish a variety of materials for many different applications in the industry. This gives us a broad vision.


Plastic Extrusion Tooling:

We can build complex dies with mandrels for hollow type extrusions as well as simple die profiles. Calibrators and downstream tooling can be machined from aluminum or stainless steel to fit your needs.